Meet Blake

Mecklenburg County is growing massively and we need to use modern strategic solutions to help our communities, educators, health systems and local businesses. We need to plan for downstream problems vs reacting to them. Blake Van Leer has the experience to help us grow in the right direction with a modern and fresh approach. Always putting people first, Blake takes an interest in leading our county in making Mecklenburg the best place to work and live. A vote for Blake Van Leer is a vote for results, a vote change and vote for our future. We humbly ask for your vote this primary on March 5th!

Meet the Van Leers:

Blake grew up in a family full of engineers. His family mantra has always been, “We don’t have problems, only solutions.” His parents also helped instill his values of freedom, opportunity for all, and faith.  

The Van Leers as a family have a long history of progressive, social justice activism, which is a core value that he shares with his own family. His grandfather Blake Van Leer, Sr., stood up against segregationists, supported HBCUs, as well as fought and won for the acceptance of women’s admission at NC State and Georgia Tech. Blake’s wife Ella Van Leer, and daughter, Maryly Van Leer, founded the first sororities at Georgia Tech in addition to Society of Women Engineers (SWE) chapters across the country to support young women in college. His family’s generational passion for social equality and advancement is fundamental to lifelong civic passion, which highlights include AmFam’s “Dream Fearlessly” campaign for young women interested in tech and entrepreneurship; his family’s yearly holiday DC homeless drive; Society of Women Engineers; Best Buddies; and The Trevor Project.


A Strong History

As a husband, father and tech innovator, my foremost commitments in Mecklenburg County entail directing resources to enhancing our public schools and then measuring the success with AI and deep analytics. It’s 2024, we have the ability to remove mystery boxes from the equation. We need to broaden the availability of healthcare services, and spark more opportunities for small local businesses. Together we can help Mecklenburg grow in the right direction without leaving our communities behind. 

  • Entrepreneur and innovator
  • Managed billion dollar budgets and companies
  • Purdue Information Systems major
  • Georgia Tech MBA Candidate
  • Community volunteer
  • Background in AI
Innovation with education

Standing for What Mecklenburg Needs


Healthcare is a fundamental right that should be accessible to every individual, regardless of their income or background. We must work towards expanding access to healthcare coverage for all residents. This can be achieved through a combination of Medicaid expansion, subsidies, and state-based programs that ensure affordable insurance options for low-income individuals and families. North Carolina is already on the path of expansion and I will stand by policies that promote and solidify its growth. By closing the coverage gap, we can ensure that no one is left behind and that preventative care and early interventions are available to everyone, which ultimately reduces healthcare costs in the long run.

We need to prioritize mental health services and substance abuse treatment as integral parts of our healthcare system. By expanding access to mental health resources, increasing funding for community-based programs, and integrating mental health care into primary care settings, we can address the growing mental health crisis in our communities. Additionally, we must support evidence-based approaches to substance abuse treatment and prioritize harm reduction strategies that save lives and promote rehabilitation.

Local Economy

Local businesses are the backbone of our towns, which provide employment opportunities, fosters entrepreneurship and contributes to the unique character of our communities. By supporting these businesses, we will create a sustainable economic ecosystem that benefits everyone involved — which includes advocating for policies that provide tax incentives, grants, and resources to help small businesses flourish, ensuring that they have a fair chance to compete against larger corporations. Furthermore, empowering local businesses means prioritizing fair wages, worker protections and equitable labor practices. It is essential to enact policies that promote a living wage for all employees, protect workers’ rights and encourage the formation of cooperative enterprises. By doing so, we can ensure that the benefits of economic growth are shared more equitably among all members of our community.

Additionally, as our cities expand, we must proactively address issues of gentrification and displacement. We will find innovative ways to preserve the cultural fabric of our towns, protecting long-standing local businesses from being priced out by larger chains and real estate speculation. This could involve implementing zoning policies that prioritize local businesses, investing in affordable housing initiatives and supporting community-led development plans.


Education is a fundamental pillar of our society, and it should be accessible to every child, regardless of their background. While embracing the idea of school choice, we also emphasize the need for responsible implementation. Our public schools play a vital role in promoting social cohesion and providing equal educational opportunities. Therefore, any approach to school choice should be accompanied by strong regulations and oversight to ensure that all schools, public or private, meet certain standards of quality and accountability. By striking a delicate balance between choice and accountability, we can create an inclusive and effective educational landscape that sets our children up for success in a diverse and evolving world. Furthermore, our schools can only be successful if our teachers are properly compensated for their immense dedication, and if our students are placed in environments that foster individual growth and learning.

“I love North Carolina and Mecklenburg County. I’m running for County Commissioner at Large to help us strategically build a bright future.”

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