Blake Van Leer

For Mecklenburg County

As a husband, father and tech innovator, my foremost commitments in Mecklenburg County entail directing resources to enhancing our public schools, broadening the availability of healthcare services, and aiding the recovery of local businesses and families from the impact of the pandemic, while looking forward to our collective, bright future. 

Vision, Issues and Values

  • Grow and expand the quality of public schools
  • Partner with the city and other offices for collaborative growth
  • Grow and maintain the quality of parks
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • Strong mental health system
  • Leverage business and technical background to measure the success of the county’s initiatives and budget


Healthcare is a right. North Carolina is already on the path of expansion, and I will stand by policies that promote and solidify expansion, which can be measured with data and AI tools. By closing the coverage gap, we can ensure that no one is left behind. Some examples include: Offering more services for those with mental disabilities, addiction recovery, and services for seniors and our youth.

Support the best possible schools for our children. Our public schools play a vital role in promoting social cohesion and providing equal educational opportunities. Therefore, any approach to school choice should be accompanied by strong oversight to ensure that all schools, public or private, meet certain standards of quality and accountability.

Keep our local economy strong. We will find innovative ways to preserve the cultural fabric of our towns, such as expanding and preserving our parks, and protecting long-standing local businesses from being priced out by larger chains and real estate speculation.

The Leadership Our County Needs Right Now

About Blake

Blake loves North Carolina and the fast-growing county of Mecklenburg. He comes with a background in managing billion-dollar budgets and leveraging AI solutions. He wants to help measure the success of Mecklenburg’s growth in a strategic way, which puts its citizens first. We need strategic planning along with rapid growth. As a husband, father and tech innovator, who focuses on driving impact for communities and people, Blake will help invest in Mecklenburg’s future. 

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News & Updates 

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“A Fresh face” For Mecklenburg County

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Van Leer Announces Run For County Commissioner at large!

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